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Terms And Conditions

Last Updated On 3rd June, 2020.

1 Overview

The following terms and conditions has been agreed upon and applied to By using this site, you agree to all the given terms and conditions. If you do not agree with this, you are not permitted to use this site. All terms are effective from the moment posted and if any of these terms and conditions are being modified, it will be updated as well.

2 Minors

Site users should be at least 15 years old. If under the age of 15, users should access the sites under the supervision of a legal guardian or parent. If in any case a transaction Wants to be made by a minor with, it should be made under the supervision of a guardian or parent who is already registered as a member. reserves the right to terminate any transaction done by a minor

3 User Of The Site

Every user of the site shall be responsible for every activity done under the user’s account. Any information or data provided by the users that is inaccurate or not with the terms and conditions of, such users will be suspended or terminated to access the website. As a users, you should not upload or share any information that does not belong to you or promote any illegal activity or misconduct like abusive or negative words, pedohilla, racism, etc. Against any individual or group. Referrals or URL to any websites is prohibited. Any engagement or start-up of extra commercial activities on the website like pyramid schemes without the consent of the admins of the site is prohibited and must be disabled

4 User's Information

When signing up or placing an order, you automatically agree to receive messages to the email you provided for verification. The use of fake ID, email, phone number or data is prohibited therefore reserves the right to terminate any transaction done with fake information. We occasionally send SMS, push notifications and emails for updates and if the customer wishes to unsubscribe a link would be provided.

5 Risk Of Loss/Pricing/cancellation Of Orders

We bear the risk of all loss of any order placed or items purchased until the items are transferred to the customers. Once the orders are received by customers with the receipt, the risk of loss automatically falls on the customer. If there is any fault in pricing an item as a result of typographical error, has the right to correct such cases. If any orders are placed on a faulty price the order would be canceled and money refunded back to the customer. In any case where an order is cancelled due to the fact that we did not meet the requirements, the money would also be refunded and any cancelled order would be communicated to the customer through emails, SMS and phone calls, at the appropriate time. In the process of cancellation of orders of pay on delivery, we would not be Liable in any form where the customer wishes to proceed to receive item following an earlier cancellation.

6 Trademarks And Copyrights

All materials like images, illustrations, videos, audios, text, graphics, software, interface, their selection interface, their selection and arrangement are all protected by copyright. As under the Nigeria copyright law and international laws. If you feel that you have been copied please email us at

7 Jurisdiction And Applicable Laws

All agreements, terms and conditions are governed by the law of the federal republic of Nigeria and the constitution. The place of jurisdiction shall be in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria.